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Silica awareness and safety

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Crystalline silica (quartz) is a basic component of natural and manufactured materials of commonly used products in the construction industry. Repeatedly breathing in silica dust can lead to serious illness and can be deadly. Working with materials containing silica can put workers at the potential risk of exposure if adequate controls are not in place and followed.

On successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. recognise the risk and serious long-term impacts of silica dust exposure.
  2. identify where silica dust exposure occurs in the workplace.
  3. describe the role and responsibilities of workers and employers in minimising exposure to silica dust.
  4. use the hierarchy of controls to eliminate or reduce exposure to silica dust in the workplace.
  5. assess and develop action plans to address gaps that will eliminate or reduce exposure to silica dust.

This course is aimed at everyone who works in the construction, manufacturing and engineered stone industry.

The content of this course may contain information about the regulation and enforcement of work health and safety in NSW. It may include some of your obligations under some of the legislation that SafeWork NSW administers. This course may not meet regulatory requirements of your state or territory. To ensure you comply with your legal obligations you must refer to the appropriate legislation in your state or territory for compliance requirements. This course does not represent a comprehensive statement of the law as it applies to particular problems or to individuals or as a substitute for legal advice. You should seek independent legal advice if you need assistance on the application of the law to your situation.

As you work through the course you will have the opportunity to answer some questions and progressively check your understanding. Complete the assessment quiz and the feedback activity to obtain your CPD certificate of completion.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Delivery: Online (self-paced)
Access period: 6 months access from the day of enrolment

Proudly developed by SafeWork NSW in collaboration with Building Commission NSW.

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This course will help managers, supervisors, and workers to identify materials that contain crystalline silica, understand the risks and long-term impacts of silica dust exposure, and how to implement control measures that reduce or eliminate exposure to silica dust… read more