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Module 3: Initial emergency response

$105.00 (inc GST)

This module is for anyone working in the bus industry who is likely to be involved in the initial response to a motor vehicle accident, fire or other emergency incident.

The module covers:

  • the initial actions a driver should take to make the bus safe
  • how to safely evacuate passengers
  • how to make sure an electric bus is depowered and declared safe
  • how to conduct vehicle jacking in an emergency situation
  • how to prepare for towing and connecting a recovery unit to a disabled bus
  • safety concerns and issues around the salvage and disposal of electric vehicles.

There is no specific legal requirement to undertake mandatory training in initial emergency response actions for electric bus operations. However, a business or operator may consider it worthwhile to train staff in this and other electric bus training, as part of taking reasonable steps to ensure they and their workers comply with the relevant Workplace Health and Safety laws.

As you work through the module, you have the opportunity to answer questions and progressively check your understanding, followed by a knowledge check quiz at the end.

Duration:  1 hour
Delivery: Online – 6 months access

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