Interior view of a house under construction home framingInterior view of a house under construction home framing

The value of Australian Standards

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Course Overview

In this Construct NSW course, you will learn about the world of standards and codes, including:

  • an overview of the building and plumbing regulatory framework and how it operates in Australia
  • the responsibilities of Standards Australia, the Australian Building Codes Board and the NSW government in relation to the National Construction Code
  • how and why Australian Standards are used in construction
  • the different types of standards that exist
  • how Standards are developed
  • possible repercussions when not adhering to relevant Australian Standards.

This course is an introductory piece for all members of the construction industry on the importance of Australian Standards and how using them wisely can result in trustworthy buildings. This course explains how standards fit into the complex network
of regulation, codes and technical infrastructure in Australia.