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Get to know the Foton FTH12 Hydrogen City Bus

$140.00 (inc GST)

This module provides model-specific introductory training on the Foton FTH12 fuel cell electric bus for the Australian market. You will learn about the Foton FTH12 Hydrogen City Bus, its key features, components and systems as well as processes to assist in required general routine maintenance tasks.

The module covers:

  • The key components and specifications of the Foton FTH12 fuel cell electric bus
  • The electrical and fuel cell systems
  • The specific battery arrangement, including the number of batteries, their location, and capacity
  • The main traction drive components on the Foton FTH12
  • The hydrogen system and maintenance
  • The decommissioning process for this make and model
  • The vehicle-specific variances that make Foton FTH12 different to others in the Australian market.

This module is for service and maintenance staff working with the Foton FTH12 bus. It is also suitable for drivers with a trade background or driver trainers at a depot, who will benefit from more extensive knowledge of the Foton FTH12.

There are currently no specific licence classes for workers working on fuel cell vehicles. However, a business or operator must ensure workers are trained in the work procedures and can demonstrate they are competent to perform the task according to the procedure.

As you work through the course, you will have the opportunity to answer questions and progressively check your understanding. At the end of this module, there is a ‘Check Your Knowledge’ test to ensure you have learnt the key elements to work on the Foton FTH12 bus.

Duration: 2 hours
Delivery: Online (self-paced)
Access period: 6 months access from the day of enrolment

Proudly developed in collaboration with Foton Mobility.

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