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TAFE NSW Micro Skills

Micro Skills exist to provide up-to-the-minute training solutions that address regulatory changes, rapid advancement in industry technologies and niche skill requirements for individuals and teams.

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Why study TAFE NSW Micro Skills courses at TAFE NSW?

Designed for fast, affordable and remote delivery, Micro Skills are available online and on-demand, making it easier than ever to ensure your organisation’s training requirements are met – fast and efficiently.

TAFE NSW works with government agencies and businesses of all sizes to develop agile and fully customised courses to upskill teams and address continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. Our track record for delivering quality education across all industries is second to none. Contact us to learn how TAFE NSW can address your organisations training needs.

Train your team

Have multiple staff that need upskilling? Would you like to purchase various micro skills courses? Contact us today to purchase multiple courses in one convenient transaction.