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Training Service: Electric Vehicles Training

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Module 1: Introduction to electric vehicles, systems and components

This module is for anyone working in the bus industry to learn about the electric bus features and components that keep the bus driver, passengers and general public safe during normal operations.

The module covers:

  • the key components of an electric vehicle or bus 
  • how to identify high voltage systems and components 
  • the critical safety features of an electric bus 
  • how to make sure an electric bus is parked in a safe state 
  • the types of work that can be conducted on an electric bus in a commissioned or decommissioned state.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: $210 (inc GST)

Module 2: Connect and disconnect charging systems

This module is for anyone working in the bus industry and provides an introduction to the safe process of connecting and disconnecting electricity charging devices to an electric bus, the key safety factors involved in the process, and critical first response actions if an unplanned incident occurs in relation to a vehicle and its charging device.

The module covers how to:

  • identify different types of charging devices
  • safely position an electric bus in the location for charging
  • connect an electric charging device to an electric bus
  • disconnect the electric charging device when charging is complete
  • safely initiate initial response actions in an emergency whilst a vehicle is charging.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $105 (inc GST)

Module 3: Initial emergency response

This module is for anyone working in the bus industry who is likely to be involved in the initial response to a motor vehicle accident, fire or other emergency incident.

The module covers:

  • the initial actions a driver should take to make the bus safe 
  • how to safely evacuate passengers 
  • how to make sure an electric bus is depowered and declared safe 
  • how to conduct vehicle jacking in an emergency situation 
  • how to prepare for towing and connecting a recovery unit to a disabled bus 
  • safety concerns and issues around the salvage and disposal of electric vehicles.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $105 (inc GST)

Module 4: Safe and energy-efficient driving

This module is for anyone working in the bus industry and provides basic introductory training in the safe and energy-efficient driving of an electric bus.

The module covers:

  • the key items to check in your daily pre-start inspection 
  • essential and targeted driving behaviours for electric buses 
  • driving behaviours for energy efficiency 
  • safe driving when cornering and braking an electric bus 
  • safely negotiating bus stops and bus kneeling activity.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $105 (inc GST)