Trial: Waterproofing remediation: How to ensure a successful project

Course Access: 7 days access
Course Overview

Waterproofing defects and age-related failures can be challenging to remediate. The principles of this course are to ensure work is carried out by qualified people who diagnose, remediate and communicate, and ultimately focus on looking after the interests of building owners.

This course unpacks all the elements involved to ensure the best outcomes in rectifying waterproofing related issues in residential buildings including:

  • an overview of the causes of waterproofing issues, such as faults in the original design, membrane selection, building movement, or third-party damage
  • the cost and types of waterproofing defects
  • the impacts of waterproofing defects
  • identifying when remedial waterproofing is needed
  • following a roadmap to successfully run a remedial waterproofing project
  • navigating the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation for waterproofing
  • understanding the roles of the owner, strata manager, lawyer and remedial professionals
  • awareness of membranes and their application
  • case studies to ensure a successful waterproofing remediation process.

This course is for Strata Managers and building owners but is also beneficial for anyone going through a waterproofing remediation process.