Trial: How to reduce construction waste and improve productivity

Course Access: 7 days access
Course Overview

In this Construct NSW course, you will learn about how to reduce waste and improve productivity in construction projects. This course is for all members of the construction industry. It explains where construction waste is generated and how it can be reduced in all stages of a construction project in Australia.

Whether you’re a developer, a designer, a builder, a certifier, a tradie, a supplier, an installer, or a manufacturer, construction waste is everyone’s responsibility. Minimising waste is good for the environment and for your project’s bottom line.

In this course you will learn:

  • where construction waste is generated and how much is generated each year
  • the economic and environmental benefits of reducing construction waste
  • what changes you can make to actively reduce waste in your construction projects pre, during and post-construction
  • ways that those in other roles can also reduce waste.