Trial: Establishing and maintaining a worksite

Course Access: 7 days access
Course Overview

This Construct NSW course will provide you with the knowledge to create a safe and effective construction site, including:

  • planning to ensure daily construction activities, hazards and safety risks are assessed, control measures are implemented, and you are able to adapt to any changes that arise during construction
  • communicating effectively with contractors and other persons (duty holders) on-site
  • carrying out rudimentary checks, for example, on signage, perimeter fencing, scaffolding, mobile plant, sediment barriers etc.
  • reviewing and updating key documentation, such as HRCW, SMWS’s, construction program, designs, site inductions etc.
  • making sure contractors understand and acknowledge their specific roles and responsibilities
  • location of the site ‘shed’, key documentation and facilities (amenities).

This course is aimed at all NSW construction and building practitioners, including developers, builders, certifier, trades, suppliers, installers, manufacturers. This course is not limited to people who have a physical presence on the construction site.
Corporate partners will also benefit from this course.