Trial: Cladding Remediation: Part B

Course Access: 7 days access
Course Overview

Cladding remediation is a professional service that involves identifying the issues that cause façade defects and determining the corrective actions to provide long-term solutions for the integrity, safety and stability of a building façade.

When done correctly, remediation of a façade will help to extend the service life of both a building and building façade.

This course follows on from Cladding Remediation: Part A and will focus on problem solving for typical façade and cladding defects. You’ll learn about processes and technical insights for several remediation approaches using real-life examples and case
studies to help apply your skills and knowledge in practice.

Who should do this course?
Engineers and professionals involved in the design, procurement and construction of façades. Participants must have two – five years’ experience in engineering or a related role.

Roles include façade, structural, ESD, fire, acoustic or services engineers; architects; facility managers; asset managers; and construction professionals.