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Integrated Testing and Commissioning

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Course Overview

An operational building is achieved through the collaborative efforts of the project team whose expertise is integrated to create both a built space and an operational system.

This requires integration at every level of the design and execution process. Poorly integrated testing and commissioning process can result in negative outcomes for the operation, performance, energy consumption and longevity of a building, as well as the health, wellbeing and comfort of its occupants.

This course will assist design and building practitioners to develop better project and design outcomes through effective collaboration and well-integrated testing and commissioning processes.

Topics covered include:

  • why integrated testing and commissioning is important
  • project stakeholders, roles and responsibilities
  • the benefits of the lifecycle approach
  • the purpose, sequence and scheduling of commissioning activities
  • strategies to support the ease, efficiency and productivity of testing and commissioning
  • an overview of key applicable relevant Australian Standards and why they matter