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Managing Cyber Risk

$100.00 (inc GST)

Learn about risk management, how to anticipate risk, and how to perform risk assessments. Find out how to respond to risk using best practice risk frameworks.

This course is an ideal starting point for anyone currently, or considering becoming, involved in influencing risk management processes within an organisation.

Before enrolling, it is recommended that you already have an understanding of the general principles of IT and business.

Through online course work you’ll learn:

  • Risk Management Overview:
    • Risk Management In the outside world
    • Risk Management in an organisation (Cybersecurity Domain)
    • Core Steps in Risk Management Process
  • Anticipate Risk and Perform Risk Assessment:
    • Types of Risks
    • Types of Threats
    • Risk Assessment Methods
    • Performing Risk Assessment through an example
  • Risk Response:
    • Risk Response Methods
    • Security Control Categories
    • Applying Security Controls
  • Risk Frameworks.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Delivery: Online – 3 months access

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