Aboriginal Cultural Inclusion Training

Course Access: 86 days access
Course Overview

This course will give participants a deeper understanding and respect for the oldest living culture on the planet. By working through an engaging and interactive journey of Aboriginal history and knowledge, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture.

This course will promote and foster positive behavioural change in the workplace, whilst giving learners the ability to directly apply the knowledge into their lives and community. It provides strategies for effective and positive engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, including:

  • Understanding racism, it’s affects and how to be a part of the solution
  • A deep dive into what Aboriginal identity means, including assumptions and misconceptions
  • A detailed look at the many aspects of Aboriginal culture and what makes it so unique
  • How socio-political issues have had, and continue to have, an impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Community engagement: achieving meaningful and progressive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities